Making things better as we grow!

So I will not be including any photos in this post cause just for a few I will like to put out some of my thoughts.

Over the years I have learned to grow and work on my faults. For the longest time I had a very hard time putting my trust in other people cause it seemed like the world was just trying to crush everyone in its path.

Now, years later, I have found a supportive team of people that inspire or push me to continue doing what I love and enjoy and that is making people smile through an art I love.

The last couple years I have also really been involved in doing portrait photography while practicing various lighting styles that I have become accustomed to. With this I have also been working with various different equipment, lighting and filters.

Lately I have been adding to my setup with glass filters and some props. Using manual digital cameras and trying to retrain my vision of what I want to accomplish with my story telling.

I will be focusing more on my social media in certain areas like my website and a few other places that have been neglected for several years.

I hope that you will stick by me as this journey continues.

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